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Two gifts, one stone.

The sale of this print helps elephants. We’re selling prints of our own photos, that we’ve taken, during our workshops.

The proceeds go directly towards keeping our team on the ground, making this gift you could give to not only friends and family, but these elephants as well.

This OnStone print is made from reclaimed raw materials that are up-cycled. The mix of reclaimed timbers and stone composite coated with specialist UV inks result in a fine art quality image that is scratch and water resistant, has uninterrupted depth and, as there is no glass, no reflection. The handmade OnStone prints are an individual and distinctive alternative to canvas, paper or glass prints, each with its own character and charm.

The image is of a an elephant crossing a river with his mahout in central Loas.

Here at the H-ELP Foundation HQ we love this image because it was taken during a really productive workshop where things were really showing signs of progress. The setting was beautiful and the elephant had just finished bathing (themselves) in the river, one hot afternoon.